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Welcome to one of the largest custom trenching and mass rock excavating companies in the world. H.L. Chapman is a custom trenching and mass rock excavating company. We do not lay the pipe or build the roads. Because of this, we have devoted all of our efforts since 1974 into building a service to trench and remove rock faster than anyone else without the use of explosives. This in return has made us the leader in trenching and mass rock excavation in the world.

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Our Services

H.L. Chapman has an extensive line of Austin Trencher™, Trencor Jetco™, Vermeer™, Capitol™, Tesmec™ chain and wheel trenchers for all trencher needs. We have vast experience in cross country pipeline construction and sub-division construction. H.L. Chapman also provides their own well-equipped maintenance shop, machine facility, and fabrication unit. Contact us for pricing and information on your trenching needs.


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Well-equipped facility, and fabrication unit


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