HL Chapman


Capability to service multiple cross country mainline spreads from the desert to the arctic including gathering systems, injection systems, and lateral line to trunk line work, along with the ability to offer widths up to 96 inches.

Fiber Optics

Cross country long haul lines and interconnect lines or systems.


New development or additions to existing subdivisions.

  • Sewer mains and services
  • Water mains and services
  • Electrical and Gas
  • Storm water collection systems

Mass Excavation

Without the use of explosives:

  • Site Excavation
  • Building Pads
  • Streets and Parking lots
  • Water Retention Ponds
  • Channel Excavation
  • Gypsum and Light Ore Mining
  • GPS Control Systems

Specialty Trenching

  • Slurry cutoff walls depth to 60 feet
  • Leachate collection
  • Border fence foundations
  • Wind Farm collection systems
  • Dam keyways

Heavy Hauling

H.L. Chapman Construction employs an experienced team of heavy haul experts to provide heavy haul transportation services. Rigs range in size from standard low bed trailers up to Dual Lane rigs capable of handling cargo over 200 Tons. We pride ourselves in doing the job right the first time and satisfying our customers with a seamless transportation process. Please

for your next move and we will be pleased to assist you.

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Fabrication, welding, and machining by skilled fabricators that service the needs of our equipment as well as customer requests.