The Leader in Trenching and Mass Rock Excavation

H.L. Chapman Pipeline Construction, Inc. specializes in mass rock excavation and custom trenching. Chapman became the industry leader by pioneering techniques and developing machines to successfully excavate mass rock and trench for utility, pipeline and communication lines.

About H.L. Chapman

Welcome to one of the largest custom trenching and mass rock excavating companies in the world.

We do not lay the pipe or build the roads. Because of this, we have devoted all of our efforts since 1974 into building a service to trench and remove rock faster than anyone else without the use of explosives. This in return has made us the leader in trenching and mass rock excavation in the world.

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H.L. Chapman has averaged over 1,000 MILES per year of underground trenching allowing oil & gas infrastructure to expand across areas of need for over 45 years.


Making underground collection & sitework a breeze!


Whether new subdivisions, commercial developments or expanding existing infrastructure, H.L. Chapman can generate a solution to get rock out of your way and your utility in the ground.

Mass Excavation

Safe and Community Friendly Mass Excavation without Blasting.

Speciality Trenching

A single provider for all your trenching needs.

Heavy Hauling

H.L. Chapman Pipeline Construction employs an experienced team of heavy haul experts to provide heavy haul transportation services. Rigs range in size from standard low bed trailers up to Dual Lane rigs capable of handling cargo over 200 Tons. We pride ourselves in doing the job right the first time and satisfying our customers with a seamless transportation process. Please contact us for your next move and we will be pleased to assist you.


Fabrication, welding, and machining by skilled fabricators that service the needs of our equipment as well as customer requests.

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