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H.L. Chapman truly believes in a strong safety culture, and that is why Safety is our number one core value. The health, safety and well-being of our employees is number one. Without our employees we would not be the premier trenching provider we are today. We strive to train our employees on day one starting with OSHA Compliance, Medic First Aid/CPR/AED, rigging and signaling and The National Safety Council Defensive Driving course to name a few. We believe the more time and effort we put into our employees, the greater the return. We currently have a “STOP” Work program in place. We not only ask, but encourage and empower our employees to stop the job when they think something is unsafe, or something is just not right without the fear of reprisal. We take this information, we learn from it, and at the same, we prevent a potential incident and perhaps save someone from getting hurt.

H.L. Chapman, along with its parent and sister companies, have also introduced an extensive AED program where Supervisors, Mechanics, Safety, and other field personnel carry an AED everywhere they go. This program has been successful thus far in saving 31 lives since inception. We are proud to say that 21 have been saved throughout all companies and 10 saves have been the general public.

Our partnership with companies such as ISNetWorld, PEC/Veriforce, Avetta, and energy Worldnet, etc. help ensure a streamlined approach to safety and compliance. We utilize their programs to maintain records and Safety Training in addition to setting specific guidelines for Operator Qualifications. We work strive to keep our scorecard in an A+ rating.
We strongly believe in giving back to the community as well. On several occasions we will sponsor schools, churches, and sports teams by conducting First Aid/CPR and AED at no cost. This is one way we can help instill our core values into the community and continue to help people.

All and all we truly strive to be not only the best, but the safest. We could not do this without the investment into our employees and the commitment we get from each of them. Our employees are paid to do a job safely and efficiently. Again, without a strong safety culture and our employees we would not be where we are today.

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