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About H.L. Chapman

The largest trenching and mass rock excavation company in the world.



Founded in 1974 by Harold L. Chapman Sr.

H.L. Chapman started out in the underground utilities business laying cable for AT&T and laying gas lines for Southern Union Gas. Working in the underground utilities business eventually led to evolving into a specialized contractor. The decision to become a specialized trenching company led HL Chapman down a path that would lead to becoming one of the world’s largest trenching companies.

For 25 years the family-owned business worked to build the name and reputation of being the best in the trenching business. Milestone projects such as the 330-mile Phillips Pipeline and 440 mile Seminole Pipeline jobs were ground breaking, replacing drilling and blasting with mechanical trenching on cross country lines of that magnitude. The success of the company did not go unnoticed and in 1999 the family sold the business to Quanta Services to further its growth in the industry.

Quanta Services has allowed the opportunity for H.L. Chapman to grow and expand our business while still holding on to the values put in place many years ago. Values that include a fair price for a great service and a relentless effort to get the job completed. These core values that have been carried on from the early days and the drive of our employees to be the best and safest in the business is what we believe separates HLC from the rest of the industry.

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