H. L. ChapmanWorkSpeciality Trenching

Speciality Trenching

A single provider for all your trenching needs

  • Slurry cutoff walls depth to 60 feet
  • Leachate collection
  • Border fence foundations
  • Wind Farm collection systems
  • Dam keyways
  • Backfill\Load out Conveyors

With in-house design engineer, full capability fabrication shop and over 45 years of industry know how, H.L. Chapman can help design trenching solutions for a wide variety of rock removal requirements. Each project presents its own challenges and many times there is no one size fits all approach. Whether you need great depths or intricate dimensions of excavation that are critical to your project, we work with our clients all the way from feasibility & design phases to executing the work plan to success. Contact us below to see how HLC can help create a solution for your particular project.

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